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Project Description

Imagination Station

Seekonk Campus

Imagination Station (ages 6 – 9)

Back by popular demand and expanded to 4 weeks of Imagination Fun!

Fairy Tales

Pre-Camp 2, Week of June 18th – 22nd

Is your child enchanted and delighted by the wonderful world of Fairy Tales? Come along with us on this magical and fanciful journey into the world of fairy tales and the characters that are so charming. Get lost in the captivating forest of the Wheeler Farm where we will explore five different fairy tales while we take you on a fantastical tour of the outdoors. Your child will reenact their favorite childhood fairy tales with costumes, art projects, acting and storytelling on this exciting week long adventure.

Meghan Haines, Wheeler faculty

Michelle Dolan, Wheeler faculty

Imagination Station: Bugs, Insects and Animal Habitats

Session 1, Week of June 25th – 29th

Are you ready to explore the amazing world of bugs, insects, and their animal habitats with Meghan and Michelle? Come along with us on our adventure in the woods and learn about the wonderful world of insects and bugs. Through hands on exploration, art projects, creations, literature, sensory experiences, games, and enriching and stimulating curriculum, we will become scientists who learn about the magnificent insects and bugs that live in their natural habitat at our very own farm. This extraordinary insect adventure at The Wheeler Farm will be a journey your children will not forget!

Meghan Haines, Wheeler faculty

Michelle Dolan, Wheeler faculty

Imagination Station: Backyard Science

Session 2, Week of July 2nd – 6th

Do you love exploring nature and the way things work? Join Gera and Courtney for an exciting backyard science adventure. Children will become Scientists as they explore, create, and discover different parts of nature during this interactive week.  We will read books, complete projects, and participate in various science experiments using nature and the outdoors of the Wheeler Farm as our backyard laboratory.  We look forward to you joining us on this unforgettable adventure!

Courtney DeAngelis-Thiele, Wheeler Faculty

Gera DiSanto, Early Childhood Teacher, Wheeler Alum, Wheeler Parent

Imagination Station: Professor Poets

Session 3, Week of July 9th – 13th

Calling all poets!  If you love to read, write, riddle, and rhyme, this is the camp for you!  During this fun-filled week, children will learn about different styles of poetry and compose their own poem books modeling the works of various poets.  We will use the outdoors as the setting for this exciting week of creative writing to indulge your child’s love of literature!

Meghan Haines, Wheeler Faculty

Courtney DeAngelis-Thiele, Wheeler Faculty

Imagination Station will be offered:

Ages 6 – 9

4 Individual weeks of Imagination fun!!

June 18th – 22nd

June 25th – 29th

July 2nd – 6th

July 9th – 13th

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