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Lunch Option

Summer 2018

Day campers can bring lunch or purchase a lunch for a fee of $25.00 for the week or you can purchase daily for $5.00. What we eat affects everything: our mood, behavior, health and growth. Good nutrition is a key component of our food program. All meals are prepared by Wheeler’s food service provider – Sage Dining Services.

Please note: Wheeler Summer is Peanut Free and all campers should not bring in any food that may contain any peanut products.

Weekly Menus will be available in June.

About: Sage Dining Services, is a nationally recognized company that provides dining services to numerous independent schools and colleges around the country, Sage is committed to providing food that is wholesome, nourishing, and delicious. Sage’s meals are made from scratch with high quality ingredients, and Sage places a major emphasis on local sourcing and environmental sustainability.