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Innovation & Design Programs

Robotics: Week of June 29th: Robotics (ages 8-10)

From a robot that can send a secret message to a friend to a search-and-rescue robot that can save a mini-figure from danger all on its own, students will have the opportunity to learn about robot construction, programming, and sensors in this program.  Working in small teams, students will design, build, and program LEGO Mindstorm robots to solve real-life challenges. Join this class if you want to learn how to give your LEGO creations a mind of their own!

Meghan Jimenez, Wheeler Faculty

Design/Making: Week of July 6th: Design/Making (ages 9-12)

Imagination Studio

Do you have big dreams? Have you ever wanted to make something that will change the world? Imagination Studio is all about making your dreams become reality. In this class, students will learn about the design process and how to make the ideas in their head work in real life. We will be building and making with all kinds of materials, from paper and cardboard to 3D printing and LEGOs. Students will work in small teams to solve complex, real-world problems using solutions straight from their imaginations!

Meghan Jimenez, Wheeler Faculty

Programming: Week of July 13th: Programming (ages 10-14)

Computers are deeply connected to everything that we do. From our cars to our coffee makers, everything has a computer inside of it. In this course, students will learn how to program computers themselves by learning the basics of the programming language Python. Students will be introduced to concepts such as if-else statements, loops, and functions and will be asked to complete challenges that show off their skills. Students will create programs such as an AI that can have a text conversation with a real person and a simple video game. Come learn to code with us!

Meghan Jimenez, Wheeler Faculty

Innovation & Design Camps will be offered:

Week of June 29th: Robotics (ages 8-10)

Week of July 6th: Design/Making (ages 9-12)

Week of July 13th: Programming (ages 10-14)


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