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Vineyard App Camps

Real World Graphic Design Camp! (ages 10-14) July 5th – July 15th

Interested in drawing, art, or design? In this camp, you’ll learn how to use your doodling skills for real, by doing design projects for local nonprofits or small businesses. You will learn how to make professional posters and art that people want to pay for, and you’ll ultimately design posters and ads for real organizations with good causes. Our students’ work has been used in ads and online Instagram posts by the Special Olympics, Martha’s Kitchen, and local shelters.

Build App Games Camp! (ages 10-14) August 1st – August 12th

Ever wanted to build your own games or apps? Love Roblox or Minecraft? Well, this is the camp for you! In this camp, students will learn the skills of a game maker through conceiving, designing, and creating their own mobile app games. The resulting games can be shared online and texted to friends for them to play on their phones. It’s a great way to combine learning with fun while becoming a game developer. You don’t need any previous experience or special software to take this; all you need is your creativity and a laptop.

For both programs, students don’t need any previous experience or special software; just have creativity, interest in coding or design, and the desire to have fun!  All they need is a laptop (Wheeler to supply) and by the end, they’ll have their own iPhone app on the App Store to share with family and friends just like a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

Vineyard App Camp will be offered: Ages 10-14

Real World Graphic Design Camp: July 5th – July 15th

Build App Games Camp: August 1st – August 12th

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