Chess Camp (ages 8 – 12)

Chess is fun and it sharpens a wide variety of important thinking skills like problem solving and decision-making. Chess also builds confidence and perseverance. In this one-week, half-day chess camp, we’ll emphasize chess fundamentals and good sportsmanship. Beginners are welcome! In addition to lots of play, we’ll learn endgame techniques and opening principles and hone our tactical skills by solving chess puzzles. We’ll also play interesting and challenging variations like Bughouse and Blindfold chess (no actual blindfolds). Campers receive a premium account for practice and play at home. As five-time World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand said, “Above all, chess must be fun.”

Eduardo Paguaga has been teaching Chess since 2012. He taught with the company Chess2Children in the greater Atlanta area. He’s worked with all ages and experience levels and is eager to share his passion for Chess.

Chess will be offered:

Session 1: June 26th – 30th

Session 8: August 14th – 18th

Drop off and Pick Up at Wheeler Seekonk campus.