Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific Drop off and Pick up instructions?2017-02-03T16:29:51+00:00

Yes!  For the safety of the campers and convenience for the caregivers we have a very specific plan during the morning transition time.  A counselor will load and unload the camper (s) from your vehicle. If however, you do need to park your car, there are designated spots available within the main parking lot of the Farm.  On the Providence Campus you can find parking on Hope St, Angell St or any of the other surrounding roads.  Please be mindful of parking notices.  More detailed infromation will be available in our parent manual.

What does my child need to bring each day?2017-01-31T22:24:06+00:00

Wheeler Summer campers need appropriate clothing for the weather and their activities – including swimming!  Items to bring include (but are not limited to) lunch, snacks, a full water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, and swim gear.  Campers should not bring money, electronic equipment, valuables, gum or candy.

How does the placement process work?2017-02-03T16:30:20+00:00

We will place your child based on age, grade, gender, length of stay and if they are new or returning. We strive to create groups where children will meet new friends within a similarly aged/ coed group.

What are the qualifications of your staff?2019-05-03T17:10:13+00:00

At Wheeler Summer, we pride ourselves in hiring experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who are prepared to create a fun, safe and memorable summer camp experience for your child. Our staff is made up of a variety of individuals who are professionals in education, childcare or are working towards degrees in these fields.  All staff is CPR certified and are required to participate in a week long staff training program.  We operate under the regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Health and are licensed by the Seekonk Board of Health.

What can you tell me about your health services?2017-02-01T16:54:37+00:00

In every program, the well-being of campers is our first priority. Our Health Service Director oversees our day-to-day health services and is on duty during regular camp hours. In Extended Day hours, a staff member is CPR/First-Aid certified. A physician oversees our operations and we have an on-call nurse available for consultation. When warranted, we will contact the camper’s parents and encourage them to call us with any questions or information they think we should know. During orientation, our staff reviews accident prevention and emergency response protocol that cover topics from anaphylactic shock to routine use of sunblock.  Please help us by submitting all relevant health information on your registration form and by sending campers to us with plenty of drinking water, sunblock and bug spray.  Wheeler Summer Camp complies with all regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Health and is licensed by the Seekonk Board of Health.

What if it rains?2019-05-03T17:20:47+00:00

As long as conditions are not unsafe to outdoor activities, camp will continue. Staff will adjust activities to comply with safety and age of campers. We encourage camp families to check the weather before traveling to camp, and pack accordingly. In the occurrence that conditions are not safe, alternative plans will be implemented. Staff is also trained in other weather specific protocols around thunderstorms, lightening etc that would require immediate attention.

Do you provide lunch, snacks, or drinks?2017-01-31T19:15:22+00:00
  • New this year you may choose for $5 per/day ($25 per/Week) to purchase lunch.  All prepared foods are made in a nut-free kitchen.
  • Snack will be provided in the morning.  Our snack will also be nut-free.
  •  If you are packing your child’s lunch please pack as if your child is going on a picnic! Please provide your child with lunch, afternoon snacks and a water bottle.  We have water coolers stationed around camp for refills.  Please send all food items with your camper in soft-sided, insulated bags with ice packs for cooling. There is no food refrigeration available at camp.
How should I communicate with Wheeler Summer Camp?2018-06-11T17:54:35+00:00

From September-May 31st please send email inquiries to summercamp@wheelerschool.org and/or bobrojee@wheelerschool.org or call us at 401-528-2148.   From June 1-August 30th please call our office at (508) 336-8377 or email us at summercamp@wheelerschool.org and we will get a response to you within 24 hours.  We can also get messages to your child’s counselor immediately.  Throughout each session you will receive regular emails regarding current events, themes of the week, and specific information relevant to your camper.


How will I know what group my child is in?2018-06-22T11:43:35+00:00

We group according to age. Parents will also receive a first day email the weekend prior to their child’s start date and those emails will have updated information. If you have a friend request, please send to our summer email.  We do our best to group campers as closer to their own age as possible. Campers will be introduced to their counselors and new friends on the 1st day of each session.



Does it make sense for my child to attend Wheeler Summer Camp if s/he does not attend the Wheeler School?2016-12-27T04:33:47+00:00

Yes!  Are you thinking of sending your child to the Wheeler School?  Do you simply need quality summer time care for your children?  Whatever your needs, we strive to provide a  Wheeler experience during the summer months!  Our campers come from over 20 different towns and cities, and from public, independent, and parochial schools.  We want all campers in and outside of Wheeler to experience our dynamic, creative and innovative place-based curriculum on our beautiful Farm campus.  We pride ourselves on being a diverse community and truly value and welcome all families!

What if my child is nervous at drop-off?2016-12-27T04:28:10+00:00

If your child is having a few reservations the first days of camp, you are more than welcome to park your car in a designated spot, greet the counselors and walk your child to their designated group. At that point we encourage parents to make a quick good bye. We find that lingering too long can become more difficult for the child and you!  It has always been our experience that once you say good bye, although that’s hard, and leave, the campers recover very quickly.  Remember it is only a small moment in their day.

What are the regular drop off and pick-up hours?2017-01-31T18:53:05+00:00
  • Drop off is at 8:30am Camp begins at 9:00 am. Pick up starts at 3:45pm and ends at 4pm.  Regardless of what time you plan on picking your child up, if you are running late, please call the office to inform us so that we can let your child know.