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Spanish Camp

Seekonk Campus

Spanish Camp (ages 6 – 11)

Wheeler Spanish Language Camp is a fantastic way for kids ages 6-11 to learn Spanish while enjoying summertime fun. Spanish Language Campers will move from one activity to the next, including special “No English!” times, designed to provide an immersion experience, exposing them to cultures from Latin America and Spain while allowing for great fun. Activities include arts and crafts, nature scavenger hunts, cooking & baking foods, and Spanish games & songs. Learning will be social and interactive. Our instructors are experienced Spanish teachers and our counselors are fluent in the language. One week of camp will not only expose campers to new cultures it will help build skills and boost their confidence and ability with the Spanish language. ¡Viva Español!

Amy Bonnici, Wheeler Faculty

Spanish Camp will be offered: 

Session 4, Week of July 15th – 19th

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